SoundCloud has over 40 million registered users making it one of the hardest social networks to be seen and heard on. This is why people are taking to social media providers to buy SoundCloud plays for their tracks. This social network has grown to an extent where is reaches up to 200 million visitors a day which is why you should have a credible amount of plays to your tracks for you to be seen and listened to. It is all about being smart and only uploading tracks that you know people will want to listen to. How are company helps our clients is by placing your tracks in front of people who are looking for your style of music. This will ensure that when you use our services you know that you are making the choice to buy real SoundCloud plays from humans not software bots or tools. SoundCloud is becoming well known for making up and coming artists famous, they are reaching their goals because people are listening to their tracks daily and sharing them on other social networks so that other new people can come and listen to what they have to offer. We allow our clients to buy fast SoundCloud plays and spread them over multiple tracks that they have but we also let you slow the process down if you wish to. If you do want to slow them down and drip feed the plays over a certain amount of days all you have to do is email us at when you purchase and state the amount of days you want the plays to be added over. Make the right choice today and buy SoundCloud plays from the number one trusted supplier on the Internet today.


With this social network growing day in day out, more people signing up and uploading tracks like there is no tomorrow it makes it harder for you as an artist to be heard. When you purchase SoundCloud plays you are allowing yourself more opportunity to be heard. We will never force anyone to buy from us, we have a credible track record and have a very large client base of people who use our SoundCloud services daily. We only let our clients buy safe SoundCloud plays so that your tracks remain intact and unharmed. We know how sad it feels when you have created a brilliant mix tap and it is removed due to a rookie company handling your account which is why you should always do your checks on the company before making a purchase. We do allow you to get free SoundCloud plays so that you can test our service before you make a purchase. People and companies will purchase SoundCloud plays because they understand that the competition is getting harder and harder. Most of the time people are uploading cover tracks of popular artists but at the same time so is thousands of other artists so you need to get ahead of the game and know exactly how you can gain SoundCloud plays effectively. We are always here to assist you from start to finish so if you have any questions about purchasing from us or you would like additional information on how it all works please speak with our online customer service agents.


Upon becoming a client of ours we will be going through many unique ways that you can do to increase SoundCloud plays to all of your tracks. Below is some easy steps that you can take to really market your tracks without spending to much time or money.

1. Upload original tracks as these are more likely to be shared on other social media networks which will bring you more plays.

2. Post your SoundCloud user name on your other social networks that you use and ask your friends, family, followers and fans to come and check out your tracks.

3. Always respond to your listeners comments as they will feel more involved and will likely come back to listen to your other tracks.

4. Make sure you are uploading tracks as much as you can but of good quality. Every time you upload a track your followers will see them and will of course check them out.

5. Stay active on your SoundCloud account. The more you are uploading tracks, responding to comments, commenting on other peoples tracks the more chance you have of people coming to see what your all about.

The above are some of the very basic things you can do to get SoundCloud plays quickly but you will be surprised at the small amount of people who are actually doing this. You should be covering all angles if you are going to have success on this social network.


We have decided to offer our clients the chance to get free SoundCloud plays for one of their tracks. This is a testing service that should not be abused. What we mean by this is you can only test one of your tracks out to see the customer service you are provided with, the speed in which the plays are added and the quality of plays that you receive. We can and are doing this because we are the sole provider for this service which gives us the upper hand over our current competitors. Offering you free SoundCloud plays means that you can see we are a real legitimate company who can prove that we are who we say we are and we can do what we are stating we can do. We understand that if you are new to all of this and you have never bought social media services before it can be a bit scary which is why us offering this testing service should put your mind at rest and make you feel a bit more comfortable about using us as your social media marketing provider. On top of us providing the plays for free we also have around the clock customer support who are their to answer any questions you have and give you advise on how you can build your SoundCloud account to a credible state. We are also available by email ( ) so that if you want to speak to a manger you can send in an email and of the marketing managers will respond to you within a short period of time.


We have stated in the content above that we are the number one suppliers for SoundCloud services, that is not a pump up or a sales tactic is it a true fact. This is why we can allow you to buy low cost SoundCloud plays which are at a lower price than any other social media providers who are supplying real plays. Of course any one offering you the chance to buy cheap SoundCloud plays you should have the right to question why the prices are low so allow us to explain how we can charge low prices and still issue you with real SoundCloud plays. We have been in business for a number of years now ( before SoundCloud was even around ). We new the potential of this social network as soon as it hit the market which is why we have studied it from the very start. We offer points to our affiliates and re sellers to play a track and promote it to a number of people which is why we can issue you with plays that are very quick and on top of that making sure they are real active users. We do offer discounts for bulk orders, we will also let you spread your plays across a number of tracks so that you can save some extra money. Re sellers are offered up to twenty per cent off current site prices so if you are interested in becoming a re seller for our company please email or speak with one of our online customer service agents.

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