Vimeo Started back in 2004 and was the first video sharing site to support customer HD. The company grew very fast and had seen that many businesses started using this network to promote their products and services which is why in 2011 they decided to offer a ” pro account “. The reason so many people now are deciding to buy Vimeo views is because more and more people are signing up to this social network and using it not only as a business tool to gain more sales but for everyday people to upload cool videos they have made, whether that be a music video they created or just a video of a night out who want to have people see their uploads. There is no question about it, the more you gain Vimeo views the more respect you gain no matter who you are or what you are promoting. Using our company allows you to boost your presence on Vimeo at a very low cost and in very little time which is why we are a very well known social media marketing company. We are very big with client confidentiality which is why no one will ever know that you have used our company to build a credible amount of views on your videos. We will work with you one on one so that you can really see results within your Vimeo account. The more views you have, the more you will be seen, spoke about and shared across a number of different networks not just the common ones such as Facebook and Twitter.


There is nothing more to be proud of than uploading a unique video that you know people will be interested in watching. The problem most people have understanding is the fact that without you taking the time to get Vimeo views your video has no credibility and no real power. The more you get Vimeo views to not just one but all of the videos you have uploaded is so that you can gain more of a social media presence and close them extra sales to meet targets. Do not think that YouTube is the only social media network that record labels, potential customers and or general public look for when finding a product and or artist. Vimeo is growing more and more every single day, more people are signing up to this network as they see the potential we do. The more views you have, the more chance you have of being talked about across other social media networks. With our company we place your video into a niche that is looking for your type of product, service or music. Make the right choice today and choose our company to get Vimeo views from. If you wanted to market your account in your own time then we can and will also show you how to do that, there are some people out there who would prefer to spend time on their own promoting their videos so if you are one of them but need a point in the right direction then please speak with out around the clock online customer service agents as they will be more than will to assist you.


We more than anyone knows how nerve racking it can be when choosing the right company to purchase Vimeo views from. We have had many clients come to us due to them using another company before and having their video and or account deleted by Vimeo. Here is where we stand out, we only allow our clients and visitors to buy real Vimeo views that will not harm your account. We comply with Vimeo’s terms of service which is why to this day we have never had a client complain about any warnings or having a video banned. We go as far as offering a test so that you can get free Vimeo views for free from our company before you decide to buy views from us. We are there for our clients, our main goal is to get you as a personal and or company where they need to be within the social media world. We know how hard it can be to market a video on your own with not that much experience which is why we have a full team of experts who live and breath this social network. Providing around the clock customer service from trained customer service agents also gives us the upper hand over other companies attempting to provide get views to your account.


We know that not only buying social media services can be a bit frighting if you are new to all of this but at the same time handing over your personal details can put most people off. This is why all we need you to do is make your Vimeo account public. Any company that asks you for your personal details you need to report them right away and do not respond to their request. Our company is registered, we have around the clock customer support through our online chat and through email or by telephone so that if you do have any questions or you would like some more information on who we are then please feel free to contact us. We want you to feel more than comfortable when doing business with us which is why we only need you to make your account public for the duration of the time that it takes for us to have the views added to your video. Your email and URL that you provide us when you purchase the views will be removed from our data base, we do not pass on any of your details nor do we store them, this is due to our customer privacy policy.


Not only do our company show you different ways that you can increase Vimeo views to the videos you have on your account but we allow you to buy low cost Vimeo views so that you can save money. We can truthfully say that we are the main providers for this service and we are currently serving some very big names within the music industry. When you buy cheap Vimeo views from a company you have to make sure they are real, they are active users who can share your videos and you certainly have to make sure you receive a confirmation of your order. We allow you to buy at a low price and still provide you the best of quality because we are interested in gaining you as a long term client who will spread the word about our services. We do also provide an even bigger discount if you buy the views in bulk. We do allow you to spread the views over a number of your videos which can save you money as well. If you would like to spread the views over your videos you must state in the ” notes ” section the amount of videos you wish to have your views spread over.

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